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Samba Enredo Loops

Samba Enredo Loops


Price: 22$ (the linked page will show price in your currency), the file is a 99Mb .ZIP file containing 133 WAV loops .

‘Samba Enredo Loops’ is a package of percussion loops in the style of Brazilian Samba Enredo (i.e. the carnival samba style). With these loops you can create the percussion parts for a carnival samba song and, of course, they can spice up other samba related songs as well! Also, the loops work well on any song that needs a samba flavour.

‘Samba Enredo Loops’ is an authentic, carefully recorded (24-bit/44.1Khz) and edited package of the following instruments: surdos (1st, 2nd and 3rd), repinique, caixas, chocalho, pandeiro and tamborims. The loops have been recorded in 7 tempos: 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145 and 150 bpm, so that you can make your song in an enredo style without unnecessarily stretching the loops. The percussionist on ‘Samba Enredo Loops’ is Markus Jaatinen. Markus is a leading Finnish drummer, percussionist, educator and the mestre / music director of Império do Papagaio (a leading samba school based in Helsinki, Finland).

Markus at Papagaio

Some loops have beginnings and endings, so you can have a more authentic samba bateria experience. On pandeiro, there are two different rhythm patterns: straight (sixteenth note pattern) and partido alto. On tamborim there are also two different patterns: virado/carreteiro (turning) and telecoteco.

The percussion was recorded on location at Império do Papagaio’s quadra (rehearsal space) in Helsinki. All loops have been lightly compressed and EQ’d so they are mix-ready, straight out of the box. However, there are plenty of dynamics left. Most loops peak at –5 dbfs.

We hope you enjoy this package!